Thank You Volunteers!

CTAM recognizes the valuable contributions of all our dedicated volunteers and annually recognizes some for outstanding service through the awards program.



CTAM’s most prestigious award was established in 1987 to honor Robert A McKenna – a longtime CTAM friend, supporter and actor in Michigan – who epitomized the spirit of community theatre The McKenna is given annually at our fall convention to a living person who exhibits, through action, commitment and dedication, his or her support of community theatre on the state and local level. A nomination may be submitted for the Board’s consideration by any current CTAM group member or current CTAM associate member.

There is no official nomination form. However, in submitting your nomination, it is very important that you address and/or include all of the following. The Mckenna is CTAM’s most prestigious award. In order to give your nomination the full consideration it deserves, the CTAM Board of Directors needs more than just a list of the nominee’s activities on the local and state level.

  • List of the nominee’s work and contributions on the state level

· List of the nominee’s work and contributions on the local level.

 A narrative in which you present your most compelling arguments in support of your nominee. Do not merely repeat his or her contributions. Rather, address how the nominee, like Robert A McKenna, “epitomizes the spirit of community theatre” in Michigan.
  • The deadline for submitting nominations is July 1st
  • Nominations postmarked after July 1st cannot be considered

Click here to submit a Robert McKenna volunteer service nomination form.



This award offers an opportunity for your group to have CTAM recognize a volunteer in your group for their long-term service. The Dorothy Arnett Volunteer Service Award is presented by CTAM to those individuals [as recommended by you] who have given valuable, long-term service to your theatre organization Each year any CTAM member group is allowed to recommend an individual or couple who has given valuable and significant service to their local group for at least ten years. CTAM will consider all valid nominations and is allowed to grant up to six such awards per year. The deadline for submitting nominations is July 1st.  Nominations postmarked after July 1st cannot be considered.

A member of your local group may be nominated by your organization’s president, Board of Directors or by ten current members of your organization.

Click here for volunteer service nomination form.



Created in 2000 the CTAM Board of Directors presents up to two of these awards annually to those who have volunteered their time on behalf of CTAM. Nominations for this award can only be made by the CTAM Board of Directors. No current member of the Board is eligible. No one can be nominated if they have served on the Board of Directors within twelve months of the nomination.

Click here for a list of all our past award winners is available by clicking here!