Previous Volunteer Award Winners


CTAM operates almost exclusively through the dedicated efforts of volunteers. In an ongoing effort to recognise and thank them, we hereby acknowledge those who have contributed their time, energy and creativity on behlaf of community theatre in Michigan.



CTAM’s highest honor, this is awarded to those individuals who have made a significant and lasting contribution to community theatre on both the local and state levels over many years.


Donald E. White
Lansing Civic Players Guild
Frederick J. Button
Wayne-Westland Civic Theatre
James C. Carver
Kalamazoo Civic Theatre
Lois Tobin
Wayne-Westland Civic Theatre
Susanne Wesley
Pit and Balcony Theatre Company
Mary Oldendorf
Ichabod’s Little Theatre in the Hollow
Shirley Harbin
Theatre Alliance of Michigan
Dorothy Arnett
Bay City Players
Richard E. Brown
Plymouth Theatre Guild
Barbara Elliott &
Chancey Miller
Grosse Pointe Theatre
F. Merrill Wyble
Lansing Civic Players Guild
Larry Nielsen
Twin City Players
Joanne Berry
Bay City Players
David P. Wahr
Monroe Community Players
Beverly Hellus
Flint Community Players
Jill Patchin
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre
Terry Jolink
Riverbend Players – Caledonia Community Players
Mary Lou Britton
Grosse Pointe Theatre
Bill Haycook
The Village Players – Birmingham
Nancy Peska
Gratiot County Players
Penny Notter
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre
Kristin Tyrell
Kalamazoo Civic Theatre
MaryJo DeNolf
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre
Kristen Chesak
Kalamazoo Civic Theatre
Art Nemitz
Kalamazoo Civic Theatre
Kevin Arnett
Grand Rapids Civic Theatre
Vincent Weiler
Tawas Bay Players/Shoreline Players
Larry Rink
Rosedale Community Players



This award is given by the CTAM Board of Directors to those individuals or organizations that have volunteered their time, energy & creativity on behalf of CTAM.


Dorothy Arnett 2001 Bay City Players
Paul Coleman 2001 Alpena Civic Theatre
Ponta, Castle & Ingram Agency 2002 Birmingham
Larry Nielsen 2003 Twin City Players
David Wahr 2004 Monroe CommunityPlayers
Mary Lou Britton 2005 Grosse Pointe Theatre
Harry Johnson 2005 Alpena Civic Theatre
Bill Haycook 2005 Birmingham Village Players
Dr Shirley Harbin 2006 TAM, CTAM and more
Barbara Elliott 2006 Grosse Pointe Theatre
Terry Jolink 2007 Holland Civic Theatre
Mary Olendorf 2007 Ichabod’s Little Theatre in the Hollow
Wendy Galloway 2008 Cadillac Footliters Theatre
Joanne Berry 2009 Bay City Players
Kevin Arnett 2009 Bay City Players
Larry Rink 2011 Rosedale Community Players
Terry Jolink 2013 Holland Civic Theatre
Cheri Ramirez 2015 Owosso Community Players
Emily Anderson 2015 Midland Center Stage
Mary Jo Denolf 2015 Grand Rapids Civic Theatre
David Wahr 2016 Monroe Community Players
Donna Thomas 2016 Tawas Bay Players
Leeds Bird 2016 Bay City Players



This award provides our member groups with a way of saying thank you to those volunteers who have made significant and lasting contributions to their local community theatres.


Marty Kovacsi 2001 Bay City Players
Hal & Margaret Bross 2001 Rosedale Community Players
Norman Edwards 2001 Northland Players
Kriss Roethlisberger 2001 Gratiot County Players
Evie Cron 2001 Central Park Players
Christopher Rollet 2001 Southgate Players
Marcia Lubbers 2002 Stage Door Players
Marilyn Brill 2002 Ionia Community Theatre
Evelyn Weymouth 2002 All-of-us Express Children’s Theatre
Jerena Keys 2002 Stage-M
Carol Black 2002 Grand Rapids Civic Theatre
John Miedema 2003 Master Arts Theatre
Jean Mitchell 2003 Grand Rapids Civic Theatre
Karen Frederiksen 2003 Central Park Players
Mickie Pizzimenti 2003 Grosse Pointe Theatre
Jim & Evelyn Marron 2004 Lowell Thebes Players
Barbara Pillsbury 2004 Stage M Players
Dorothy Rogoza 2004 Pit & Balcony
Diane Foghino 2004 Three Rivers Community
Ed & Virginia Pieratt 2004 Wyandotte Players
Arthur Nemitz 2004 Kalamazoo Civic Theatre
Jack Bennett 2004 Theatre Guild of Midland
E. Fred Finke 2005 Central Park Players
Doug Ballard 2006 Gratiot County Players
Dawn Hooper 2006 Ridgedale Players
Ron Ross 2006 Alpena Civic Theatre
Ric Selke 2006 Grosse Pointe Theatre
Lois Constant 2006 Grosse Pointe Theatre
Don Brown 2006 The Village Players, Birmingham
Carol & Steve Sizer 2006 Twin City Players
Margaret & Leeds Bird 2007 Bay City Players
Nancy & George Giftos 2007 Footliters – Cadillac
June Hudgens 2007 Tawas Bay Players
Jan & Dan Turner 2008 Rosedale Community Players
Tom & Bea Nobles 2009 Flint Community Players
Roger Burleigh 2009 Kalamazoo Civic Theatre
Bobby Silberberg 2010 Rosedale Community Players
Lou Vanderhave 2010 Grand Rapids Civic Theatre
Sharon Rickets 2011 Village Players
Debra Lee DeBois 2011 Tawas Bay Players
John and Lindy Bruton 2012 Rosedale Community Players
Deborah McKoy 2012 Shoreline Players
Kyle Waterman 2013 Kalamazoo Civic Theatre
Cynthia Marcoux 2013 Pit and Balcony Theatre
Barb and Loren Mathers 2013 Rosedale Community Players
Claudia Scott 2014 Rosedale Community Players
Dale and Dianne Pegg 2014 Grosse Pointe Theatre
David Reinke 2015 Farmington Players
Laurel Stroud 2015 Farmington Players

Recipients are presented with their award at their home theatre during the course of the year. Winners don’t know they are a recipient until the presentation. CTAM will post winners after each presentation ceremony takes place.