A Member Delegate is a person selected by a member theatre group to represent them at CTAM meetings and events. Through your Member Delegates (MD), CTAM learns about your theatre group’s particular needs and interests and through your MDs, in turn, CTAM informs your group members about upcoming CTAM events, programs and benefits which are of value and interest to them.  In short, MDs are the crucial communications link between you and CTAM and help your group make the most of your CTAM membership.


  • Member Delegate Eligibility & Selection
    Each CTAM member group in good standing is allowed two Member Delegates
    The current president of your theatre group is one of these delegates.  The manner in which your group selects the second MD is up to you.  Each MD is selected for a one year term from July 1st to June 30th.
  • Member Delegate Duties
    Keep CTAM informed about the needs and interests of your group
    Provide CTAM with updated database information.  Keep your member up to date regarding CTAM programs, events and benefits.  Provide timely information to the Michigan Callboard editor about events, programs and other timely news about your group.  Keep your Board of Directors informed about CTAM.  Attend the CTAM Annual Meeting (Fall Conference) as a voting representative of your group.
  • Member Delegate Rights
    Right to vote at the CTAM Annual Meeting as a representative of your group
    According to the CTAM by laws, each member group in good standing is allowed two voting delegates at the CTAM Annual Meeting each September during the CTAM fall conference.  If one or both of your MDs is not present at the Annual Meeting, it is understood that other members of your group may exercise this voting right.
  • Member Delegate Benefits
    Free subscription to Michigan Callboard
    10% discount on regular priced merchandise at the CTAM store


    Being a Member Delegate for your theatre group is a great way to contribute to your own group & to be a part of CTAM at the same time.
    Volunteer to be a Member Delegate!


    For more information contact The CTAM Executive Secretary